How to Impress a Girl on Mobile 2021

Girls are Happy when they hear these things

Talking about the mobile, the girls are very happy to say these things, so you can say these things at the end of the conversation. But of course, note that you do not have to talk about all the things together, you can say one for two to talk about.

  1. Tell him he is beautiful. Never say hot or sexy, though he is.
  2. Every morning you can give him a voice message from the beautiful poetry line or sleeping. So he understands that you have very technical care for him.
  3. Welcome his words, let him win.
  4. Never talk about his old friend’s friend, he can cause a storm in his mind.
  5. Do not talk about any other girl while spending time with her.
  6. With her hair, you can speak beautifully.
  7. Try to smile because you like to see his smile.
  8. Every girl likes to wear more than new clothes, jewelry, and wheels. Say if you love a dress, or if she comes out to you in front of her, praise her. If you can wear any dress in the sky (like a sari, it is best ).
  9. Remember the birth of her, can tell her that you love to hear her voice.
  10. Do not ever tell him that you care for him.

If you do this work, you will not have problems getting a girl if she is in your face.

Five ways to love in Mobile

Today in the river of love and who is there to dive?

Today, all the mobile phones have got a place inside the house.

To express love, now Emoji has to take the help of Generation So the signature but whatever the love, there must be certain rules and regulations. If you obey, love is bound to come to the tide.

1) Voice is very important when you love mobile phones. It should be remembered that in the eyes the eye will not be too much through this. So love must be won by the mind of the people of love.

2) Instead of text messaging, now the exchange of money for lovers and lovers, Whatsapp, messengers. Use the right emoji in your hand. There is nothing to fear when sending the wrong. In small countries, there are such small incidents.

3) Speaking of mind, you can take help from a famous quote. Do not blame your boyfriend or your boyfriend will be happy, in your own accord.

4) Remembering the time of the busy man in a busy time? Call me? Can you stay at work? A small message can be left out. Understand that the situation in the upper case is favorable.

5) In the age of globalization, geographical distance is increasing. The long-distance relation rate is increasing. In that case, the sole reliance on mobile However, mobile love can be as bad as it is, as bad as it can be. It all depends on your alertness and awareness.

How to talk to your Girlfriend?

  1. First of all ask yourself, then the family, then eat them, do every day’s work, do some fun, see some of Tahsan’s plays, you can learn many new things, which you can pray.
  2. Because you love you have nothing to hide from each other. Speak to a friend who speaks with a good friend. Tell him, ask him what to do, you will see many topics are coming out, and you will talk freely, then you will continue to talk.
  3. You can talk about her study with her. You can talk about her and your family, home. You can talk to him romantically but do not tell him about love. He will talk about the moon in the sky, nature. Tell him the whole thing that you want to go with you. After some time you will start to love yourself.
  4. Talking to him will not be serious or upbeat. You will lose all the talk if you are serious or upset. So you talk to him as usual, as you said to your friends.
  5. You can talk about what you have done with him today, talk about what you will do. You can ask him to dislike anything (like one-day food, one day color) and talk about the future. You can talk about how to get married, talk about more and more. The first thing to do is to talk about it but it will talk about it slowly.
  6. When you talk less, listen carefully to your partner. If you listen carefully to your partner, he will be interested to talk and if you can not talk like that, he can continue to talk to you. So listen carefully to the partner and do not forget to talk more about foul when trying to talk more.

Genuine tips to talking in Mobile

  1. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Speak salute at the first meeting. So you must first call salam by phone. Call again and receive the phone. Sunnat giving salam
  2. Make sure to call yourself first by phone. Calling the identity of the victim is a crime.
  3. Summarize the words as much as possible on the phone. There may not be a person on the other end of the phone like a long time to talk.
  4. Keep emergency phone calls in the daytime. It’s good to not call someone in the night or early in the morning.
  5. Speak as loud as possible. Do not talk too loud on the phone. That may disturb the people around you.
  6. The phone’s ringtone also identifies your taste. So be careful while picking the ringtone.
  7. Keep the phone in Silent or Vibration mode when in office, work, or meeting. Otherwise, the focus of work may be down.
  8. You can use headphones to listen to music on the phone. It may be a cause of annoyance for people around them when playing loud. The phone has been discovered for the welfare of the people. So every use of the phone is beautiful and social.