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Lady Gaga Wore A Necklace Worth 30 Million Dollars in 2019 Oscar

Oscar 2019:- Hello Guys Today we will tell you about the latest news which is about a Million dollars Fashion Story. Yes It's a Million dollars Fashion Story, where a girl wore a Neckless which is cost around 30 million. Before starting you must subscribe our email notifications from below and regularly visiting here for great and latest stories.

We all know about the Oscar where so many Artists, Actors, Models and others performe to get this World best Award. In a Simple word A Oscar Means one of  The Biggest Award in this World. Here Everyone try to do something special and different to get this Huge Award. This year also happens this and here we saw a special things which is in the below, keep reading this post to know more.

30 Million Dollar's Necklace
In the Event of Oscar 2019 there was so many division but in the division of Fashion Design and Modelling a Special things seen by everyone. And this Special things Shows by Lady Gaga. Yes You may know her (Lady Gaga), becaus…