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Short Quotes About Life - Great Collection of Short Life Quotes

Short Quotes About Life:  Hello Guys, How are you? We hope you are really good and enjoying your dream life. We always request god for your well being. So Guys, Hope You like our all the previous post, now Today we are going to share something so special that mens Here we Going to Share Short Quotes About Life. The life which is the most important thing in our life so we think that we must write about Life. We also know that you haven't much time to read so long Quotes that's why we are going to share the Short Quotes About Life. Life is the most beautiful diamond made by God the made us so carefully and so mindfully, thatst why the human are so smart and so creative and so beautiful. So this life is the most costly things in this Mortal world. So we have the responsibility to make this life great and beautiful. In a recent Research a group of scientist are said that 45% of People in this world made their life how they want and after Some times they becomes so famous but they …