50+ [BEST] Friendship Status for WhatsApp & FB

Friends Forever Status

Friends Forever Status

The Most Powerful Relationship is Friendship. But you Always know they are Always Available.

I count you twice my Friend.

You are My Best Friend and another half. You Mean the World to Me, I Love You, Friend.

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A best friend is someone who makes you laugh when you are Sad.

Status for Friends Forever
Status for Friends Forever

A Best Friend is Someone who Reaches for Your Hand but touches your Heart.

Friends come and go like the waves of the Ocean. But true Friends stay always with You. 

A True Friend always accept who you are. But also Helps you Become who you should be.

Lucky are those who have a Loyal friend in this Fake World.

Always Love your Friends from Your Heart, Not from your mood or need. Because Friends are Most Important in Your Life.

Whatsapp Status Friendship
Whatsapp Status Friendship

Sometimes when I say I am okay, there is only One Person to look me in the Eyes and say I know you are Not.

If You Have Believe in Yourself then You can Do anything, and If You have a True Friend then Together You Can Do Everything.

Friendship is not about Sorry, But It’s all About – Blaming Each Other. 

We are friends like warriors and like the guys in Jumanji.