Attitude Status in English

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Attitude Status for WhatsApp

Follow Your Heart But Don’t Your Competitors.

I’m Not Great But I Am Limited Addition.

I’M Super Cool But This Super Summer Made Me Hot.

 Don’t Take My Simpleness As the Sign Of Weakness. I Can Switch It Anytime.

Perfectness Is Not My Talent. It Is My Attitude.

Attitude Status for WhatsApp

Every Killer things Makes Me Feel Alive.

 I’M Real Crazy. So I Can’t Pay Attention In Classroom.

Before Going to Judge Me, Make Sure You Are Born in the Legendary Family.

Your Attitude May Surprise Me, But Mine Can Kill You.

I’M Good I’M Best , but at the Same time I’M Bad I’M Worst.

The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.

Attitude Status fb whatsapp

Your Huge Dream is My Small Thinking.

Show Me Your Attitude When You Got the Power to Handle Mine.

My Handwriting is Not Bad, I Have Made My Own Font.

When a Bird hits your Window have you ever Imagined if God is Playing Angry Birds with You?

Long Ago I loved a Girl and she Broke My Heart. Now every Slice of my Heart Loves different Girls. And People Call Me Flirtatious Boy.

Hey, I found a thing under My shoes oh it’s your Attitude.

Please gets Confused between My Personality & Attitude.

My Personality is Happy but Some Funny Attitude Make Me Cry.

I haven’t any Attitude, but I Have Some Different ways to Do Everything.

Status on Attitude

I Enjoy when people show Attitude to me because it’s always Special to see that someone is Trying to Impress You.

Stop checking my status ! Go and Do Your Own Work.

Life is too short. Don’t waste the Time by Driving Slowly.


I Have Virus in my Mind So I can Hack You Anytime then You have to Search for Antivirus.

The Fact of Lazy People: #381279928279 You were too Much lazy to read that number.


Is there any Bank? Which..give me a Loan and then Leave Me Alone.

If You think that You are Bad. Then Call me your Dad.

A Friend Means: A single soul in two Bodies.

WhatsApp English Status

The Target is not Just be rich, It Must be Enjoyable.

Yes, You May See Attitude: Even in My Smile.

You Must be a Legend to Solve the Puzzle of My Attitude.

A Bad Attitude is like a Damage Tire you can’t go Anywhere With It.

You’re right. I’m NOT Intelligent, But I’m a Legend.

WhatsApp English Status

Never trust the one who is the friend of Everyone.

I don’t have any time to Hate People. Either I love you, or I don’t care at all.

I don’t want to be in a Relationship, I Just want Some Crazy Things.

Even In a World Famous Creative Room you’d still Stare at Me.

Status for Whatsapp in English

I Have a Big Problem that I Always Win Everything.

Some People will Always Hate you because it’s 10 time Easier to Beat You.

Don’t Repeat Yourself I have Already Ignored at First Time.

Is there is anyone to fix my bad attitude?

So Many People Were The Master in our Area, Until the Arrival of the Real Master.

It’s Always Better to Follow My Dog than Your Attitude.