25+ [Funny] Quotes on Books for Students

Hello Guys, How are you? Hope All are Great, Today we are going to share some Amazing Quotes on Books. Hey Guys, We know you like to read books. Most people like to read books. Throughout our childhood, we used to read class books and others to grow ourselves. Yes, it’s a special and most great way to improve ourselves. So we must give value to Books.

Some People like The Smell of the New books like me, this smell has the ability to attract anyone to read it. So it’s also a powerful thing for us we can do many things by reading Amazing Books.

We all are caring for these books that’s why Sometimes we want to make some appreciation of these great books. And at this time we will like to go on social media to appreciate it with our friends by clicking some selfie with them. But we also need some mind-blowing Quotes on Books to share with this Photo as a Caption.

Quotes on Books

Quotes on Books

“Books has the Power to Destroy the Enemies without touching them.”

“The Best Gun for a Simple Person is a Great Books”.

Quotes on books

“A Book has the Power to Gives us Happiness at the Moment of Sadness.”

“If I’m a King then I prefer to Books instead of any sword.”

Quotes on Books

“The power of books can Silent the bad people of Society.”

“A Book keep the ability to Famous Yourself.”

“If you want to forget all your bad moment then a book is the best way to do it.”

Quotes on Books

As a Kind-Hearted person, books are my Best Friend at any time.

When I saw the books I thought suddenly my happiness is gone.

When I started reading a book after a few minutes of sleep coming.

Cockroaches are so scary, but I think books are scarier than cockroaches.

Quotes on books

When I saw the words of a book I think it is dancing. And I can’t catch them.

When my study is complete I thought I am complete a war.

Quotes on books

When mom says read carefully it gives you a better future. I thought ok now I read carefully, and I go to study. but when I saw the books I thought ok I will start it tomorrow. And I repeat it again and again.

I love to read books, but not study books only storybooks.

Quotes on books

I will do everything, but not read a book.

Every thought is coming to my mind when I start reading.

When some guests are coming to my home, I am so happy cause no one.

Quotes on books

When I saw the math book, my headache starts suddenly.

When I am reading I am watching clock every minute and think about when dinner times coming.

When I saw a bird, I thought, if I am a bird then I am flying all the time and I thought it only my study time.

Quotes on books

Sometimes I thought if someone has a present to read my books then my life will so easy.

No one is here to understand my pain when my exams are coming and I read every day.

When I am reading, sometimes I thought I am in a war.

Quotes on books

When I am studying I thought books are villains and I am a superhero. and when my study is complete I feel villains are lost and I win.

‘Books’ looks very interesting but the reality is they are not interesting to read.

When am I reading English suddenly I found a word and I feel it’s really a word or it’s a weapon?

Quotes on book

When I am studying I feel like a drunk. I read the sentence but I can’t understand the meaning.

I am so serious about everything but when I saw the books my seriousness is gone.

Quotes on Book

When the teacher teach in the classroom, I saw him so seriously but inside I feel what is she saying?

When my exam is coming I saw books in my dreams.

Quotes on Books

Sometimes I fill illness to study.

What do I think about the book?– No exams no books– No books no tension– No tension mind free.

So Guys, these are some Cool Collection of Funny Quotes on Books. Hope You find this post likeable and gets some Enjoyment. You must read this collection well and always try to give importance to books.