50+ Sweet Couple Quotes & Status

Couple Quotes: In this mortal world the best thing is a good Relationship or Couple. Because the most powerful thing in this mortal world is Love, so that’s why the Couples are So special.

Couples are like the Two Buds of the plant. They have the power to do anything. Because they always want to do something special for each other. So to express your feelings for your partner here we have some text which you can share on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Couple Quotes

1) I have Kept Your Self-respect Safe with Me; just in case you come Running Back and ask for some.

2) He is The Right Kind Of Guy; for My Wrong Intentions.

Couple Quotes

3) My Love is Blind and His Love is Blind Stick.

4) I want to be the Best Chapter of Your Book.

5) If You are Coffee then I’m Your Coffee Mug; Both are Useless without one.

6) You are Gold which I’ll Never Sold.

Cute Couple Quotes

7) I Want to be your Mobile’s Front Camera; and Always want to See You.

Cute Couple Quotes

8) If A Plant Can’t Grow without Nutrients; Then I’m the Tree which will not able to Grow without your Love’s Nutrients.

9) A single stick of fire can burn everything but not me; Because I will only burns without You.

Love Couple Quotes

10) Every single parts of my body; Are Related with you.

Love Couple Quotes

11) Wave comes in the the River; But in my River only Comes your Love.

12) A holiday can’t be special, Without your touch.

Anniversary Couple Quotes

13) A Mobile can’t live without a Charger; That means I’m the Mobile and you’re My Charger.

14) Marriage is the most natural state of man, and… the state in which you will find solid happiness. (Benjamin Franklin)

Anniversary Couple Quotes

15) The most beautiful thing in the whole world in my eyes is: Your Voice, Your Eyes & Your Heart.

16) An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

17) I am your Torch, you are my Battery, when we Marry it’s a big Lottery.

18) Happy Anniversary! May your love grow stronger and inspire all, and may life bless you with all the gifts.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

19) Someone asked, What is love? I smiled and told He is Fine.

20) You are my sun, I am your Sunlight, You are my Moon, I am your Moonlight.

21) When I see you, my Life Blush more then Blushers.

Perfect Couple Quotes

22) I am your Shirt, You are my Tie, I Feel so sad when you said ‘Baby Bye’.

23) One Sun, one Moon, one god; And then you are my one thing in this one Universe.

24)  If I have fever then; I need Your love as My Medicine.

Perfect Couple Quotes

25) One can do Anything; But Together we can do Everything.

26) I will Always be with you; If you give me your Love.

27) I’ll not Heal by the Medicines; But I’ll heal with your Love.

Love Quotes for a Couple

28) A tree only can greens by the clorofill; and I can only greens by your Colour of Love.

29) Give me your tears, I will give you my smile. You and me Create our Happy Family File.

Love Quotes for a Couple

30) When You Hugs me I felt I’m the seat And you are the Seat Belt.

31) I Examined  my blood And then I saw my blood group is “You Positive”.

32) A Cricket Ball will Never Spin without Spinners; So you are the spinner of My Life.

You came into My Life

33) You came into My Life the way a Butterfly Comes into the Flowers.

34)  A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give upon each other.

The Best Couple Quotes

35) All Those Medicines will not work on me; But your love will works.

36) “Your Kiss” is the best source of my Vitamin, Calcium & Protein.

The Best Couple Quotes

37) Your Tight Hug works on me as Rain works to fill out the dry River.

38) Winter will not be Special Without Hot Coffee & Your Touch of Love.

39) A Cold Day, Romantic Weather, Some Romantic Songs and You and Me! Nothing I want in My life.

40)  The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. [Carl Jung]

A Couple in Love Quotes

41) My Extra Fat Will never Burn without your warm Hug.

42) Those two are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous. ― [Henny Youngman]

43) Sometimes my Headphone says that this song will more special, if he was near.

A Couple in Love Quotes

44) I’m not afraid from Ghost; But I’m afraid to lose you.

45) An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away; One Kiss Everyday Keeps Every Negative things Away.

46) You Are More Hot than the Sun.

47) I Never saw God but I saw you and your godness; the way you make me Happy.

Sad Couple Quotes

48) Sometimes we need to be Apart to understand just How Much we Truly Love each other.

49) Love is, Wherever You go, But Always Remember Your Loving Person.

Sad Couple Quotes

50) When We Fight, and We Stop Talking; My Eyes Always on the Phone Screen.

51) When I’m Sad, I just Read Your Old Message, and then I Smile, bcz this is the Best Medicine for My Sadness.

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