50+ Sweet Couple Quotes & Status

A Couple in Love Quotes

41) My Extra Fat Will never Burn without your warm Hug.

42) Those two are a fastidious couple. She’s fast and he’s hideous. ― [Henny Youngman]

43) Sometimes my Headphone says that this song will more special, if he was near.

A Couple in Love Quotes

44) I’m not afraid from Ghost; But I’m afraid to lose you.

45) An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away; One Kiss Everyday Keeps Every Negative things Away.

46) You Are More Hot than the Sun.

47) I Never saw God but I saw you and your godness; the way you make me Happy.

Sad Couple Quotes

48) Sometimes we need to be Apart to understand just How Much we Truly Love each other.

49) Love is, Wherever You go, But Always Remember Your Loving Person.

Sad Couple Quotes

50) When We Fight, and We Stop Talking; My Eyes Always on the Phone Screen.

51) When I’m Sad, I just Read Your Old Message, and then I Smile, bcz this is the Best Medicine for My Sadness.

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