50+ Sweet Couple Quotes & Status

Perfect Couple Quotes

22) I am your Shirt, You are my Tie, I Feel so sad when you said ‘Baby Bye’.

23) One Sun, one Moon, one god; And then you are my one thing in this one Universe.

24)  If I have fever then; I need Your love as My Medicine.

Perfect Couple Quotes

25) One can do Anything; But Together we can do Everything.

26) I will Always be with you; If you give me your Love.

27) I’ll not Heal by the Medicines; But I’ll heal with your Love.

Love Quotes for a Couple

28) A tree only can greens by the clorofill; and I can only greens by your Colour of Love.

29) Give me your tears, I will give you my smile. You and me Create our Happy Family File.

Love Quotes for a Couple

30) When You Hugs me I felt I’m the seat And you are the Seat Belt.

31) I Examined  my blood And then I saw my blood group is “You Positive”.

32) A Cricket Ball will Never Spin without Spinners; So you are the spinner of My Life.

You came into My Life

33) You came into My Life the way a Butterfly Comes into the Flowers.

34)  A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give upon each other.

The Best Couple Quotes

35) All Those Medicines will not work on me; But your love will works.

36) “Your Kiss” is the best source of my Vitamin, Calcium & Protein.

The Best Couple Quotes

37) Your Tight Hug works on me as Rain works to fill out the dry River.

38) Winter will not be Special Without Hot Coffee & Your Touch of Love.

39) A Cold Day, Romantic Weather, Some Romantic Songs and You and Me! Nothing I want in My life.

40)  The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. [Carl Jung]