Attitude Status in English

100+ [COOL] Attitude Status in English for WhatsApp & FB

Attitude Love Status

Attitude Love Status

Love Hurts, but I have Used to it. So it’s Ok.

I’m a Shining Light, No one can Reduce the Power of it.

Find Love not the Hero/Heroin of Horror Movies.

Love Goes Through My Windows Everyday and Told – Are You Single.

The Planet is Full with Stupid Shit People, So Always Use Your Attitude to Fuc*k Them.

If Someone Showing His/Her Attitude Then You Must Show Your Legendary.

Focus on Your Goal Not Anyone Else Attitude.

You Have to Born 100times to Beat My Attitude.

My Puppies are Awesome to Handle Your Attitude.

You Have to be Beautiful Because Even My Phone is Really Smart.

Love Attitude Status

Born to Give Challenge not to Impress Anyone.

My Eyes is Enough to Kill Everyone.

I’m on the Top in My Playlist.

Born to Shine not to Give any Line.

I Can Build it Superbly as well as Destroy it Greatly.

Creative things Waiting for Me to looks More Beautiful.