Attitude Status in English

100+ [COOL] Attitude Status in English for WhatsApp & FB

Short Attitude Status

If Everybody Likes You  then You have a Serious Problem.

Have You Ever Seen a Hater, Doing Better than You? Answer= No!

They Start Complementing when they Fail to Replace You.

For Now My time is Bad but Don’t Worry I will Rise.

Everybody Changed. Now it’s My Time.

Short Attitude Status

Don’t Complain, Enjoy the Pain.

Broken by One Now Hates Everyone.

I Will Win Bcz I’m Not Afraid to Lose.

Be the World Best, Fu*k the Rest.

Those who Fly Alone have the Strongest Wings.

It’s Not My Attitude, I call it Self-Respect.

Smile Every time; Because nobody cares about Your Tears.

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