Attitude Status in English

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Attitude Status for Girls

Attitude Status for Girls

No Problem if you don’t like me. Because Everyone has not Good Choice

Sweet as Honey. Cold as ice. If You Hurt me once, I’ll Break You Twice.

Be Glamorous, Be Positive, Be Good and Show Your Attitude Regularly.

To Become the Best, Don’t take Rest.

Be a Girl with a Good mind, a Woman with attitude, and a Lady with Class.

A Girl always Give the Value of Someone’s Support at Her Bad Times.

Be Dengerous as Tsunami, and Destroy all Bad People.

Status for Girl Attitude

A Girl With Some Good Attitude Becomes a Different Icon from Others.

I Wish to Become a Unicorn so that I Can Stab all the Stupid People with My Head.

A Negative Day Make a Woman Strong; And a Negative Person Make Her Strongest.

A Good Look Helps to Feel Something Different from Others.

Everytime Makeup can’t Give Good Look, but It Gives a Great Confidace.

Legend Status

Craziness comes from the Way They shows their Broken Attitude.

Attitude Status Girls

Be a Backbone and Archive You Goals With the Power of Your Own.

A Strong Women Means not only Attitude but also Some Great Kindness With the People Who Deserve it.

People call me as Social Queen as well as Real Queen.

I also Love Your Attitude that’s I Kept it on My Foot.

I’m the PM of our Area, not Prime Minister but: Premium Member.

Be a Queen in Your Own World and Rules the Kingdom.